Cytronic Software Development Inc. was founded in 2003. Cytronic's founders are experienced professionals in the field of practical security engineering. Cytronic continually strives to provide new and existing customers with professional service and product that meet our high-end demand.

Market trend perception and keen understanding of customer requirements lead us to constantly research and develop products that provide value added features that meet the needs of our niche market. Our developers possess a unique combination of hardware, software development and IT service experience.

Our current products incorporate the use of single chip or SOC (system on a chip) architecture, currently cutting edge technology. In Application Software we engage in system development and provide technical support and consulting.

Together, these elements not only give us an advantage over our competition but also provide us with the foundation needed to build proven and tested Digital Security platforms together with Digital Monitoring Centers.

Fred Leung, founder and CEO of Cytronic Software Developmet Inc.

Access Control System


Surveillance System

Anti Vibration Mobile DVR
License Recognition Camera
Central Monitoring System
Security Canada West
June 11, 2008
River Rock Casino Resort
Richmond, BC

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